Role of private university in uplifting the standards of higher education

IIMT University

There are many private university of Delhi and NCR involved in providing management education but the most important question is that which is the best private university in Delhi and NCR. Actually very few of them are able to understand what exactly the thrust area of the students or I must say professionals. The maximum number of private university of Delhi and NCR are involved in minting money in one or the other way. And with the passes of time the grace of them is faded which is even alarming for those university which are doing their work honestly. Privatization of education was initiated with the view point of improving the prevailing condition of education at that time. The sole motive was to bring the level of education up to certain heights so that the Indian Brain competes with the other country’s people all over the world. But somehow things do not seems to be in that direction.

Today we see that the world is changing very fast. The pace of globalization, liberalization and privatization has tremendously influenced the various dimensions of modern education. Now the education is not confined to bookish knowledge students need overall development of their personality. To cope up with the changing need of education now the selection of knowledge driven university is must for every aspirant looking for the graduation and post graduation degree. Merely acquiring the degree should not be the only motto of the students they should feel themselves involved in other extracurricular activities. All these things should be there in the Best private university in Delhi and NCR which one would like to go for. University education ultimately affects the overall life of a student. I suppose friends to whom we come across during university days become are real friends more over what we learn at this level ultimately decide the future direction of all of us.

In this regards one must choose the best private university in Delhi and NCR based on its teaching pattern which must be based on the role play pattern of education in which certain real life situation should be given to student to deal with. It is effective in the changing world.

By Dr. Amit Kansal