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IIoT Telecom
Mar 26, 2018 · 3 min read

How does it work Today ?

Farmers usually do excessive watering of their fields, and a significant portion of the moisture goes back into the ground. Farmers just can’t measure accurately and regularly their soil’s moisture. This creates a huge excess of water circulation, often leading to soil erosion. Additional fertilizer is therefore needed.

Ecologists put an enormous pressure on farmers, but the latter do not have any effective ways to maintain high yields without changing the practices of irrigation.

Therefore, there is an urgent need for soil level monitoring for farmers, to water crops through artificial irrigation. Depending on weather conditions, soil characteristics, plant types and growth phases, different intensities of irrigation will be required.

The IIoT Telecom solution can be used to collect statistical data on soil moisture and to implement an automatic irrigation system.

How will it work Tomorrow?

How to determine on which part of the ground the watering is not urgent yet? And which part of the field is too dry already and needs urgent watering?

It’s just simple, using analysis soil sensors + a LoRaWAN modem. Sensors are installed across the field at sufficiently large distances. The range of the LoRaWAN base station up to 15 km allows reducing the cost of the process.

Each sensor periodically sends data to the IIoT Platform on the Blockchain. The data is analyzed for some parameters (dryness, acidity, temperature). In a private cabinet, the farm field is displayed with a color indication, according to the established schemes. Then the watering system is turned on only in the required sections (automatically or manually by the Operator). The profit is significant!

This will be COST-EFFECTIVE for the Farmer!

  • Smart watering of the soil where and if necessary — budget saving;
  • Reducing the misuse of water irrigation;
  • Reducing the amount of fertilizer;
  • Controlling the dryness of the soil — increase the quantity and the quality of the crops;
  • Reduced power consumption used for irrigation.

IIoT Telecom is specializing on IIoT manufacturing of standard LoRaWAN and Industrial Internet of Things Services on the Blockchain. It has been developing a decentralized IIoT Platform on the BlockChain since 2016. IioT Telecom is planning to use EOS or SONM technology for the decentralization of the IIoT Platform.

We started 2th Stage Token Distribution on March 19, 2018!

Visit https://iiot.tel for more information. WP: https://iiot.tel/wp-iiot.pdf

Our channels:

telegram: https://t.me/iiottel

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