Fitness — The Journey Inward

I always wanted to share my fitness experience; however, not before I had a good understanding of it. Today after a decade of investment into fitness, I feel I’m in a state to share.

What is fitness?
Is it about weight loss, conquering diseases, having a great body, mental healing, giving a better life, proper eating habits, adapting to change, spiritual, disciple, motivation, a lifestyle, love, passion? Fitness may culminate all the above, depending on the individual journey. I have realized that the reason to be fit might vary, but it is a feeling.

Why do I say it is a feeling?

As you start your journey, you might have a specific goal in mind or may not; you feel the difference as you keep progressing. When I decided to join CrossFit, utterly unaware of what it was, my coach on day 1 took a fitness test, and there I was struggling to lift a 4kg dumbell & even struggled with 2.5 kg in a particular movement. Here you go, shared the coach; you are weak, lacking strength, stamina, endurance, flexibility. The warning signal for you, better take action, said to me.
The right coach plays a key role, and I was fortunate to encounter it — he who showed the right reason and focused on overall fitness. It changed my perspective not to fit into fitness industry-led standards of the overrated symbol of being slim.
Starting to run for 1 km and making it to 15 km is a feeling — the feeling and the realization that things are achievable with consistency, practice, and patience. The journey from 1km to 15km was of 2 years.

The ability to lift 30kg from 2.5kg meant investing in building strength. The feeling, developing strength enables you to perform functional daily life activities with ease felt terrific. Building strength was a step-by-step process of strengthening your specific muscles to make you capable of lifting.

The mobility in the fitness regime is setting you for larger goals. The feeling here is you cannot move ahead without getting your basics in place. Mobility prepares your muscles, brings flexibility, and focuses on strengthening for you to progress to the next level. You cannot skip it.

Practice, The feeling of accomplishment when you make it to the top of the rope, pull-up, or even push up as a beginner. You perfect it only with practice.

Endurance is your ability to go that extra mile when you are exhausted. The feeling that you did it despite feeling like giving up at that moment. Enduring the muscle pain and knowing that it will heal instead learn how to heal.

Flexibility is a feeling you get when you become self-aware that you can do the task that looked impossible at the beginning. You are now aware of things you need to work upon to get the flexibility you desire.

Isn’t it amazing to know that fitness offers you so much to your life? It gives life to your life. Every step is a feeling, a feeling of accomplishment, learning to celebrate small wins, sharing energy, focused mindset, healing, rejoicing, and above all, loving yourself. Hence I termed it as a journey inward.




Digital Business Strategist, Content Creator, Sports Enthusiast, with a decade of experience in Retail Sales, Business Analytics & Customer Experience.

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Lipi Baishya

Lipi Baishya

Digital Business Strategist, Content Creator, Sports Enthusiast, with a decade of experience in Retail Sales, Business Analytics & Customer Experience.

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