5 Factors Essential For Excellent Campus Placements | IIPM

Indian Institute of Planning and Management, IIPM has been an internationally ranked institute all over the world and accomplished over global exposure, industry interface and excellent placements. The institute is highly associated with numerous of global companies and organizations. Management Guru, Arindam Chaudhuri holds the credit of taking the institute at heights of achievements. There are various factors identified essential for excellent placements reviewing IIPM Placements.

Placement cell

College or institutes must introduce placement cell in operating departments. Campus placements are undoubtedly significant and essential concern of students nowadays and therefore, introducing a placement cell will attract students towards your educational institute and companies will maintain recruiting relationships.

Enhanced college profile

In order to give a touch of Excellence to campus placement, you must maintain an impressive college profile. For this, you can maintain a website of your institute and run it under the guidance of professionals, provide or market your placement records and academic records on website, mention your college’s or institution’s achievements and awards on website.


Professionalism is significant factor as your every activity in order to place or maintain a good recruiting relationship with companies and organizations must show professionalism. However, professionalism can lead your college’s placement cell associated or linked with numerous of global and prominent companies and organizations.


Academic excellence and excellence in group discussion is no more that essential or appropriate in identifying the capabilities of students. Today, companies and organizations look for students who hold experience of how exercising in industry goes! Thus, institute must provide training to its students not only in last year but from the very first year to improve or promote probability of getting them placed in future.

Place accurate candidates

In order to maintain status of holder of high quality students, you must pay attention while sending students for interviews. If you think that the student is not eligible enough to sit in particular interview then, do not send him/her.

These were the various factors which improve the campus placement and can lead them to level of Excellence. All institutes must take care of these components as they make good impression on corporations. Indian Institute of planning and management, IIPM achieved the best ranking in aspect of placement for years.