Important steps to filing a patent

The process of patenting an invention is a tedious job and the job should be left in the hands of experts with sound knowledge of patent prosecution and patent search support. The entire process is divided into four steps: drafting claims that define the invention, drafting an application that describes the claims, filing the application with the patent office and arguing that claims are patent able.

Patent prosecution

Patent prosecution begins with the filing of the patent application at the patent office. Then the application is assigned to an examiner for examination. The examination is the most important phase because during this stage, the applicant and the examiner argue how the property should be granted to the inventor. To begin with this critical phase of the patent prosecution, the examiner studies the application and searches the relevant prior art. Then he rejects the claims in an Office Action. In the Office Action, the examiner provides reasons for rejection. The applicant should respond to the Office Action by addressing each of examiner’s rejection. Here the applicant can traverse the rejections by amending the claims or presenting reasons for why the examiner’s rejection was not right.

It is highly recommended to hire the services of an expert to help you with patent prosecution as it is a challenging stage in patenting an invention.

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