Patent Landscape search lets you get a broader picture

A patent landscape search is an extensive and deeper search for patents in a given technical field.

patentability search

Looking at large sets of patent data, you can get an understanding of broader picture to help you take an informed decision. This search helps you identify potential patent portfolio for acquisition, infringers to be pursued and the important technology to be exploited. Once patent landscape search is completed, the results are shared and analyzed which includes a graphical representation of how the large numbers of patent relate to each other based on their sectors, keywords, citations, applicants, patent classification and so on.

A patentability search company is a right resource for conducting a patent landscape search. You will get to know the followings things from this search.

  • You will monitor markets that interest you
  • You can find out which patents are now in public domain
  • You can learn about your current and future competitors
  • You can see how fast new innovations are taking place
  • You can identify gaps in research and development
  • You can envisage the most densely and sparsely patented technology area

Hope you will now admit why patent landscape search is important for your invention.

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