“Religion” — Is it so big?

A good support, an understanding behavior everlasting friendship, a support for all the odds & not religion is necessary for a marriage to sustain. Isn’t it?

If all comes within your community, then KUDOS..!!, but , if not , then what? Should all these qualities be compromised just for community? Would that result into a so called happy married life.

If a person having all these qualities is not the one from your own community, then should that match be discarded? Won’t that be a childish decision?

Remember, its about your life and you are going to live it. Then why to take decisions based on what others think. Are they going to face your problems in future? Perhaps, will not even show their faces again.

Do not make your life more worse thinking about what people will say. Believe in yourself and take your own decisions. You are responsible for what your life would be and you are free to choose by your own will. Choose what you want because ‘I is free.’

Life is short and would not repeat for even a second. LIVE IT

Do not die each day under the name of the word ‘RELIGION.’

I bet “You yourself do not know who created”