Regret, a feeling that we all might have experienced at some point of time in our lives or may be experiencing it even right now. Regret is an emotion that is a consequence of some actions that did not result in the manner we wanted them to be. There is always something in our lives that we wanted to do but have missed the opportunity owing to some responsibilities or just overlooking the avenues. This is the time when regret overpowers our conscience and we want to rewind the time back again to the past so that we can mend our mistakes but that is definitely not possible.
Being in a college, living the most fruitful time of our lives it is quite common and perfectly normal for the students to regret their decisions and actions because this is the time when we expect the most out of us. We aspire to build our ideals and personality in the way we admire it to be and thus, even the slightest flaws become blots in our perception and we regret it. But what is the solution? Is liberation from this awful feeling even possible? Can we find a way out of this problem? Well yes, we can.
The foremost notion that we need to ponder upon is the reason of our regret. Many times it happens that our actions don’t satisfy our expectations, what we demand out of ourselves is not achieved. There can be a multitude of reasons behind this; this may be a consequence of our innate and passive reluctance to that task or due to some distractions that we might have encountered during making our decision. But what needs to be realized is that we are evaluating our past based on the knowledge that we have attained and possess at present. We should realize the fact that our regret is based upon the erudition which we were devoid of while making our decisions in the past and our deeds were the best of what could have been at that instance of time. These facts give the motivation for rising over and above this abominable perception of cursing ourselves for attempting things that in fact were quite obvious at that instance according to the circumstances.
A fact that is unnoticed and disregarded most of the time when the feeling of regret and guilt is concerned is that it does possess some positive points too. Life has in its treasure plethora of surprises and preaching that are meant for us and some of them are revealed to us through this awful experience. Every event that occurs in our lives has something to teach us, the same is with the feeling of regret. Feeling guilty for something that we did exposes us to our weaknesses and vulnerabilities and equips us with the means to emerge out of this nightmarish experience developing ourselves in a sense to suppress those innate attributes that have pulled us down and made us regret our decisions. Such experiences are also important in developing a robust personality with the abilities to endure the hardships that keep flashing against us.
Hanging out with this appalling feeling is not a way out, we have to find a solution and hence, avoiding our lives to head into a miserable trail of events. One of the solutions is to TAKE ACTION! Unless we strive to take actions with an aim of ameliorating our status to get over the guilt and regret of our past decisions, we can never find a way out of this labyrinth of depression. We should find newer avenues and divert our attention towards them. This would surely help us in discovering ourselves with our innate abilities and qualities.
FORGIVE YOURSELF! This is another attribute that may prove tremendously revolutionary in rebuilding the confidence in ourselves and deliver a great motivation towards reviving our interest in our work. Remember, we are human beings, so stop placing an expectation on ourselves that we are supposed to get it “right” all of the time! Remember the truth: You did the best you could with what you knew at the time.
Regret should not be treated as a part of life but as a lesson to make it better. We should always remember that everything may not seem right as it happens, but sooner or later life teaches us that whatever happens, happens for something good. And that the fortune always has something exciting and thrilling to offer you in your life. It is also a fact that we do not regret those things the most that we have done wrong in our lives but the things that we have missed attempting, hence we should venture at everything and never miss any avenues that life offers to us.