Being tasked with creating a real life simulation game, Victor and I were having some problems at the beginning, because we didn’t know about what to create the game. So after thinking and thinking and the days went by, finally, we came up with something. Obviously we both thought about the same thing, “sports”. So we came up with the idea of creating a game about it. To be more exact, we thought about making it kind of like a real simulation FIFA sports game. After a few days, we realized that the idea we had come up with wasn’t going to work. So we were back again struggling in finding new ideas. So one of the day’s, victor came up to me and tells me that he just came up with a great idea for the game. Literally, we both were so happy that we have finally got up to something. So he starts telling me the idea, and it was about thieves and police. Then, he tells me like “you don’t remember when we were children and we played “lardon y policias” as we called it in Spanish. And I loved the idea right away. So we started brainstorming ideas of how the game was and connecting points. The name, we just decided to keep it simple, “the thieves”. And about the objective of the game, it was obvious. What does thieves do? steal and try not to get busted. So we tried to keep everything straight and simple and follow the objective into our game.

When the most difficult part of creating the game arrived, making the rules. Victor and I had several discussions because we never coincide with the same quantity that we wanted to put to something or with deciding how the police would move and more. So we can see that Victor and I spent a lot of time at this and implied a lot of effort during this part of the creation of the game. Putting all of the discussion that we had aside, finally we got together our first “the thieves” game prototype, and we did our first play test.

After doing our first play test, we notice that a few things were wrong and missing. The game needed like a purpose of gameplay to make the players want to play the game and be engaged into the game. For instance, if you were busted by the cops, you lose but you got to keep all of what you have already stolen. Also, if one player runs into another player nothing would happen, and it was like something was missing.

So we started making some changes. First, we implied safe houses, so if you were busted by the cops and you had already dropped your stuff on your safe house, they won’t be able to take anything away from you. But if not, they would take everything. And the other major change we made was that if you run into another player, you would be asked a question and if you have answered correctly you would get the chance to take everything away from that player. Victor and I thought that these changes were really necessarily and made the game somehow more interesting and fun.

To conclude, being our first time making, creating, and designing a real life simulation board game, I think that victor and I finally got to something and came up with a good idea. Even thought we had some obstacles that intervene somehow on our way. But in life there’s always going to be a first time and that’s the only way to learn, from our mistakes.

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