Let’s talk about Flutterwave API.

Flutterwave API is a set of functions and procedures used to process payments both locally and internationally under various platforms and applications in Africa. I got to know Flutterwave API when my team had to work on a project during my internship days with a company I worked with. The project was to make an app that could accept payment but locally and internally using Flutterwave’s API and should be tied to company accounts with different wallets rather than individual accounts. The project started all fun from the UI to Front-end, DevOps, Back-end. I was really looking forward to the end result to see how efficient the app would be but unfortunately the app failed on various testing but the zeal to get a world-class (a working) app was what kept my team going till the end. I really did not understand Flutterwave’s API at first but after constant reading of different documentations and watching of Flutterwave’s videos, I finally got to understand how to apply the API to the team’s work and it turned out well in the end. With Flutterwave’s technology, payments can be made with local cards unlike the normal POS(Point Of Sale) which are used globally where many a time, it rejects VISA cards. But with Flutterwave’s API integrated into your payment applications, you can make payments with ease without the fear of your local cards been rejected because it works with local cards in Africa. Flutterwave’s technology is the new payment technology making waves in Africa. It works!

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