Microservices : The SAGA Pattern for distributed transactions

Example for 2PC — Create Customer Order
  • There is no mechanism to rollback the other transaction if one micro service goes unavailable in commit phase.
  • Others have to wait until the slowest resource finish its confirmation.
  • Choreography : each local transaction publishes domain events that trigger local transactions in other services.
  • Orchestration : an orchestrator (object) tells the participants what local transactions to execute.
Example of Orchestration-based saga for customer order creation
  1. Order Service saves a pending order and asks Saga Execution Coordinator (SEC) to start a create order transaction.
  2. SEC sends an Execute Payment command to Payment Service, and it replies with a Payment Executed message.
  3. SEC sends a Prepare Order command to Stock Service, and it replies with an Order Prepared message.
  4. SEC sends a Deliver Order command to Delivery Service, and it replies with an Order Delivered message.
  • Avoid cyclic dependencies between services. Do not let the participants to call SEC.
  • Always create a Unique ID per transaction and make it flow through every local transactions which is easier for traceability and troubleshooting.
  • Avoid Synchronous Operations.
  • Log the request payloads for re-submission purpose.
  • Make sure you capture all data required before handing over the process to SEC.




Technology evangelist

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Isuru Jayakantha

Isuru Jayakantha

Technology evangelist

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