Sharing Story of Mine Mentor

A Mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.

Mentor is a trustworthy person who may help you in reaching your dreams and goals,providing very use full piece of advice and sharing his or her experience.

We can learn from their experiences and inculcate their experiences in our life and can save the time and can bring more rapid change in ourselves

Mentorship is very necessary as most of the great people like steve jobs have mentioned their mentors.

Story of Steve Jobs Mentor
Andy Grove

Andy Grove is a science pioneer in the semiconductor industry. He helped Gordon Moore and Bob Noyce start Intel in 1967 and eventually became CEO of Intel in 1987. Steve Jobs met with Grove during his early tenure at Apple in the late 1970s, and held him as a business mentor and a friend. Steve came to him for advice, including in his last years, when he was struggling against cancer — as Grove himself had survived prostate cancer several years earlier.

Story of Mine Mentor

I does not choose my Mentor itself, but the very first Mentor I got was chosen by the Nature and that is my Father, a very cool person who is name of determination and never disappointed me in any regard

In my life I have experienced many failures quoting only one i was not able get admission in medical college, my father dreamed of but whenever i fail he would say

“Son everything is alright, it’s okay resume your energies and try again”

This kind of real Mentorship enabled me to try again and again and created a hope in me that i never failed but only some attempts do not worked.

He supported me all the times during failure and success he the role model for me.

He always encouraged me to have a good network of people to learn maximum from them and following his recommendations i have a big network of people and learning from their experience.

Today what I am is due his immense support and courage. My father has firm belief in me he says there is nothing impossible if you think that is nothing impossible.

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