How to Lie, like a pro

Yeah I know, you may see me as a big liar or someone who’s expert in deceiving others. But this piece is not about me or you, it’s about something we all did, at least once in life.

This is also a fact that most of us are so bad at lying that they get caught ‘red handed’. So I think, that like any other skill, we can improve it by working on it and addressing our loopholes.

With this point/assumption in mind, I am jotting down few tips/tricks which you can use to improve your lying skills, lol.

Do your homework

Just like any other task, you’ll have to prepare some ground and do some homework before you lie.

I know it’s not possible every time as we may need to lie suddenly. In that case, it’s better you don’t try to hide the truth at all. Because, lying without preparation is like fighting a war without any strategy.

Be Confident

Remember that your level of confidence and your tone can make your truth sound like a lie.

So, whenever you need to lie, keep your voice and tone strong and confident. Any grain of doubt in your voice will alert the listener and you may end up getting caught.

Stick to it

What you need to do next is to stick to whatever lie you told to people. It doesn’t matter how long ago you lied or said made something up, just don’t disclose the truth so soon.

Sticking to your lie would give it strength and soon people will start believing it as true. If you take your lie easily and reveal the truth, even to your personal friend or someone, you yourself will drill a hole in your barrage of defense.

Lie to Yourself

This so much important if you want to make your lie look like truth.

Our mind is a great trickster. Though it tricks us to believe something that is not real, we can also trick it to believe something that is not real; by lying to it.

Whatever lie to tell to someone, don’t even THINK that truth was something else and you’re making something up. Of course the truth will come to y our conscious and bother you, but push it down and make your mind look idiot by reminding your something that was not true.

Remember, if you show any sympathy to the truth that your subconscious will present, you’ll start feeling guilty which may end at you revealing what you’ve done.

Remember what you told

Guess what is my favorite quote? It is “benefit of speaking truth is that you don’t need to remember what you said”. Yeah, that’s the biggest advantage of speaking truthfully.

Sadly, you won’t have that convenience for yourself. You’ll have to remember what you told as truth. Level of details may vary according to the people involved or the person you talk to but overall message and crux of the matter MUST be consistent. This is because, if they discuss to each other, everyone shares the same account

Take relevant people in the loop

If you are lying to your boss, make sure you take your relevant colleagues in the loop and tell them beforehand what you gonna say to the boss.

If the person you’re lying to also knows your friends and family also, take into confidence beforehand. This will help them prepare responses and keep them consistent in case your boss tries to verify your claim

Never Tell the Truth

If you want to lie like a pro, remember, NEVER TELL THE TRUTH!

Yes, not even days, months or years after. Now you may think that I don’t need to be that careful for small casual cover ups. But the face is, lie is a lie, either small or big and you’ll have to deal with them equally. If you don’t take your lie seriously and share the truth after few days, you’ll start ruining your impression. People will start loosing trust on you as yourself admitted of lying.

So, don’t even think about telling truth after lying, it may harm you even more than truth itself.

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