Muhajir Electorate — “An Opportunity”

In nation’s lives, whenever challenges arise they also create opportunities for Nation to get embarked on the journey ahead. Proud nations come out stronger and illustrious from the challenges, by making the most of the given opportunities.

Crack-down against MQM and their leadership after their contacts being established with notorious enemy of Pakistan and their involvement in all kinds of dreadful acts and openly operating bloodshed against the innocent people of Karachi in particular, it was almost time for the Pakistan establishment to get rid of this tumor.

Historically, MQM business model was handily built on strong pillars of ethnic (Muhajir) electorate and soon they gained monopoly by not letting in any serious competition. MQM model keep getting stronger because of the firm “pillars” it has, on which it was standing. The voters’ and supporters of MQM have always acknowledged the call of their ex-Quaid (Altaf Hussain) vigorously, whether it is a call for “shutter down” or a “pahiyya jam” strike, MQM voters made sure that they are strengthening the hands and voice of their leader by bringing down the whole city of “lights” to a halt.

Now with the operation clean up and by cutting all the edges of MQM, MQM has had a strong blow back and their business model is widely disrupted by Pakistani establishment and rangers. After the revelation of MQM’s established contacts with RAW and anti-Pakistan hatred from their leadership in London, MQM is losing its plot swiftly, there main leadership is either put under ban to address their voters, some are behind bars and facing legal actions, others are on the run to save their lives and from this position, the survival of MQM by keeping its vote bank intact is next to impossible.

What is important here is the “pillars” on which MQM built its model, the electorate and the people of Karachi who never looked for any other option few months back, are now forced to look for an alternative leadership. But unfortunately the dilemma is that the mainstream political parties of Pakistan look lacklustre, at least from the efforts we have seen in past few weeks. If we just analyse the top 3 political parties, we can say PPP has made some efforts and the other two parties PML(N) & PTI are busy in their on-going tug of war in Punjab and on corruption issues.

Starting from PTI, after the 2013 general elections, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf came out as second largest political party of Karachi after MQM, the biggest city of Pakistan with a registered vote bank of more than 7 million voters. PTI shown strong presence even in the long held constituencies of MQM and this illustrates that the best chance in these circumstances is for PTI to capture the voters by focussing on them and their issues, but PTIs complete focus is on sabotaging the federal government and Panama leaks, though it is important but need of the hour with equal importance are the people of these constituencies. PTI is showing yet again that they are late bloomers when it comes to the real politics on ground.

On the other hand, the opportunity is equally bright for PML(N), who has never had their stronghold in Karachi for decades but things are different this time. PML(N) is in power and with that they have more room to play their cards smartly to attract the voters. They can address the basic issues of the public by offering relief packages, creating job opportunities gesturing their sympathy with them but it has not been the case so far. Though they are considered as early bloomers when it comes to ground realities and politics but they have not made any serious attempts so far to make the most of this created opportunity.

Lastly, PPP is the largest political party in Sindh and they have few stronghold areas even in Karachi, though they widely rule the rural Sindh. Responding to the existing circumstances, PPP was smart to make their first move by replacing their elderly C.M. Qaim Ali Shah who has been instated for last almost 8 years and was widely criticized for his acts of being oblivion many times with a young, energetic, well-educated Murad Ali Shah, who has made his presence felt on the mainstream media in a short period of time with his dynamic personality and his attempts to being a vigilant invigilator focussing on the smaller issues of the public mainly of Karachi and this might help PPP in getting the attention of strayed Muhajir community.

In the end, the political demography of Karachi is going to be changed in the upcoming elections in 2018 and we will have our keep our fingers crossed and have to wait and watch for results.

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