3. Activity: Khudi and Self Learning through your own Blog.

Goal: One of the core aspects of Khudi, self-learning and the Fellowship is to help you learn from anything — especially your own experiences — and we believe that starting and keeping a blog online is a great way to do this.

Paragraph no.1

From the very early life of Edhi sb, he started to learn a lesson of charity, humanity, dignity, and other so many things that helped him in his bright future. And I think that in his whole life he always tried to work hard, you can say Amal or did action what he thought. And regarding khudi he realized himself that he got happiness to give happiness to others. As Edhi sb said “start from small but why should think small” so he starts from small instead of wasting his time in thinking he did action and start from small to help the needy as he can do. Its teach us about the third Amal principle of progress that is work work and work and wait for success. And all this he learnt from his home. According to his father he was simplicity is a beneficial way of life. So he taught to Edhi sb to live a simple life, help the needy, and not to save enough money which cannot help the others. And this type of saving has no value at all.

And now the I am going to discuss about the example of Edhi sb’s life which is somehow similar to my own life. Relates to my past experiences. As his mother send him by giving some food or cloth to give the needy and poor. And he was not interested in his education and his mother ignore all his mistakes about schooling. And he starts his first job with the ease of few rupees and he got the simple way of savings and spend this money on the needy. When I was in my early life was also not interested in my studies. And because like Edhi sb’s father my father is also a social man. Who always help the others without any profit. Helps the others without his benefit. And always teach us a lesson to do the help of other. And my mother sends us to give the things to needy who cannot afford it. And teach us a way to live a simple life. To cooperate with others. After my FSc when I was free I started to teach at a school with a small pay but I think that it’s a good thing to have nothing. I did not wait for a time to get more, always work hard without wasting my time to get more. I like that he started from giving small to others because by doing so he trained himself to give his precious things to others. And he always hated the failure and think that success is synonymous to effort by which rule he believed to others. And he was always happy to work hard and feel pleasure to help the others. Early in his life he realized the passion for savings and loath to spend. I like all of these because work hard is key of success. And starts from small is also a good thing. Everyone’s should work hard from full of his determination to get succeed.

Paragraph no.2

Basically there were two goals of my life.

1) To become a soldier in Pak Army.

2) To continue my studies in field of physics or mathematics.

But unfortunately both of these fields always far away from me due to some reason.

  1. Why did you want to achieve this?

I like these two profession from throughout my life and till today. A lot of reasons behind this that my interest was in teaching. And I personally think that it is a most respectful profession in which you can change the peoples mind towards good things. And you are able to teach the youth what is wrong or what is right. Beside this I was interested in both physics and mathematics. I think that choose a profession in which you can perform well with full of your determination and be proactive with your profession. But when I got admission in Engineering then I started woks hard in this field. Because I know now it is my future I should realize the importance of this.

2) What were the challenges that you’ve faced in the past towards achieving this?

A lot of challenges I faced during this period of my life after intermediate. As I have no guidance about studies. Not well aware about what field I should choose. Everyone started to get admission in Engineering whatever the field is. Now one was ready to listen about my voice. Everyone giving me a suggestion. Because my family is not a well-educated but thanks to God they all are kind heart, social workers as well. The only reason which is the lack of guidance. Because every start to tell my parents in this field he can earn more and more. And in teaching there is nothing. Because now a day everyone run after the money. And starts to earn more and more. But I was totally confused because my mind was not like that money is everything in life. There are a lot of things which have some meaning in life.

Try to do but Afraid to do

Now as I am student of final year BSc Food Engineering. As it is a vast field of studies and new in Pakistan which starts in 2011. So I want to continue my studies, and want to learn more about this field by getting more in touch with this filed by continue by study. But now a day I am totally confused about that what should I do? Either continue my study in this field or to do a job to support my family.

Tasks to achieve this goal.

1) To continue my study as well as to support my family.

2) To bear all my expenses from myself.

3) Just to start by ignoring the above two tasks.

1) To continue my study as well as to support my family.

I want to continue my study in food engineering because it is an emerging field in Pakistan.

I want to learn more about this field by continuing my study. But the present situation requires certain compromises from me. That either I should continue or not? Because I am not financially strong enough to continue. As from the early of my education my family make a lot compromises about their needs about their happiness for me and for brothers as well. Sometime I thinks that after graduation I should do a specific job to continue my study beside studies to support my family as well. So that there should not be any burden on my family about my study. And I will try maximum to do this so that I could learn more and more. And on the other side no one know what will happen tomorrow.

2) To bear all my expensed from myself.

It’s another task for me that if I cannot support my family from now, I should not import extra burden on them. Because they already did everything for us what they can do with their more effort. If I should continue my study for more success, at least I would be able to bear all my expenses by my own effort instead on importing more burden on my family. Etc.

3) Just to start by ignoring the above two tasks.

It’s the last option for me by ignoring all the reasons, all the family circumstances. But I think it’s not good for me as well as for my family. Because study not teaches us to remain in calm to give pain to others. If I would be able to do one of my two task given above, it would be fine otherwise I will do a job and by staying on a job I can also get more success by doing hard work, or by doing a specific job with full of my determination to get more.