AI — Crossing the Chasm from Research to Real life

  • Driverless cars are on the road without any fallback human driver on-board.
  • AI-based medical diagnosis software is performing better than certified doctors which is now recognized and published in leading medical journals.
  • Conversational agents are becoming more and more pervasive in all spheres of lives.
  • AI-enabled agents are beating world champions in various complex games.
  • Riding on advances in basic research and such practical demonstrations in real-life settings, Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) seems within reach of mankind soon.
  • The human doctors can explain the rationale behind their decisions when needed (interpretability),
  • They will make the right decisions for the patient, even if the certain symptoms of the patient are deliberately trying to mislead them (adversarial vulnerability),
  • Their clinical decisions will not change due to changes in hospital setup (anti-fragility)
  • They can still make the right decisions if they shift their practice from Ohio to California (transferability).
  • Other doctors with similar expertise can replicate their decisions when presented with the same evidence (reproducibility).
  • The human doctors will make the right decision for all patients, irrespective of their inherent characteristics (fairness and bias free).




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