“Welcome to stupid apple world”

My dad just got home, March 2. And he gave me this iphone 4s with a coach cellphone pocket, and 2 neon cases. Yay finally got an apple! But I wasn’t satisfied. The feeling I have an apple is very different when I was asking for it. Ever since the release of iphone 4–5c, I was really asking for it. But the time they release iphone 6 and 6 plus, I hate it now. And now my dad just gave me an iphone 4s.

I am just appreciating what he gave me for his money won’t be wasted

I hate the iphone because I am from team Android, I ONLY like the messeges, camera and the size of it.

iOs can’t beat the Android

The problem in my country is if you have braces & an Iphone, then you’re rich kid. Rich or poor, doesn’t matter. And some are using fake, clone, or whatever. We, including me who has original iphone, ipad, ipod, or any I stuff. Doesn’t want to be said that our apple is fake.

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