Holding Canterbury’s MP to account

Following the Supreme Court judgement yesterday, attention can now be turned on the upcoming vote, a vote which puts the spotlight on Julian Brazier and the unique position he finds himself in.

Julian was an enthusiastic supporter of Brexit and we know he will be pretty keen for May to ahead and press the button. But there’s a problem for Julian. Although the Canterbury district voted to leave, his constituency did not. It turns out, following the release of figures detailing the breakdown of the vote, that Herne Bay massively swung the outcome of the vote and, well, Herne Bay isn’t in his constituency. This places him in the almost unique position of being a parliamentarian that supports Leave in a constituency that voted Remain. The question therefore emerges: how do we ensure he respects the will of the public?

To clarify, the vote broke down as follows:

Herne Bay — 9492 Remain; 14406 Leave

Canterbury — 11289 Remain; 7311 Leave

Whitstable — 10537 Remain; 11149 Leave

In total the votes came in as follows for Canterbury constituency (Canterbury plus Whitstable): 40286

Remain — 21,826 (54.17%)

Leave — 18460(45.8%)

You can view the vote breakdown yourself here (.docx file).

Clearly there is a pretty conclusive vote for Remain in the constituency (given how Leavers describe a much closer vote!), and Julian Brazier should ensure that he reflects this view in parliament, unless he believes that the people’s voice shouldn’t be heard in a referendum put to the people.

Make sure he hears the voice of his constituency, and tell him to vote against the activation of Article 50 when the vote comes to parliament. It’s what his constituents voted for and, if he is believes in the will of the people being paramount in this case, it is what he will act upon when the time comes.

Do drop him a line at his constituency office via: canterbury@tory.org*. The more people that contact him the better. Democracy must not be sacrificed because our MP knows better than us.

*_Be vigilant for campaign emails from the local Conservative party if you do email them. I have previously reported the office to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) for passing on my email details to a local Conservative candidate so they could send me mailshots. If this happens, if you receive mailshots from them after contacting them, do report them to the ICO).