It’s Time: Gun Control

Another week, another mass killing with guns. Another week on, we’ve moved on. The acceptance of gun violence as a common occurrence is a sad, sad commentary of the state of our decline, as a civilized nation. The “Second Amendment” has become the two word answer to halt any pleadings for common sense gun law discussions. It’s cowardly to avoid the reality of the current social disorder, in favor of a false security blanket.

“Guns don’t kill, people kill” is the most absurd, idiotic argument for the pro-gun movement. As if a piece of metal deserves more legal protection than the victims on the other end of the barrel. Here is my argument, limiting to planned terrorist attacks:

Having weapons for self protection is only as good as a loaded weapon, on-hand, at the ready, anytime, anywhere. No matter your gun skills, you would still need steady hands, perfect aim, and nerve to pull the trigger. Is that realistic? Would you go to a movie theatre, shopping, restaurant, school, work, ball games… with a loaded gun, in case there is a terrorist attack? Would you know who to shoot? For all the bravado spewed by gun-loving owners, majority of them would think twice about living in anticipation of a gun fight.

Second point. When there is no or little control over the types of weapons available to the masses, we are subjected to an inequity at a gun fight. One person brings a pistol, the other, a semi automatic rifle. It’s too bad, so sad, sucks to be you. When the Second Amendment was drafted, there was no foresight to the types of weapons that would become mass killing machines.

Thirdly, and most importantly, terrorists have the advantage of planning, the element of surprise and preparation of weapon choice. The average, unsuspecting citizen has his pistol, perhaps, in his pocket. While we cannot control and monitor the planning, the surprise, the only thing we can minimize is access to weapons that will put the public at a distinct, unfair disadvantage.

NRA is made up of members, presumably human beings, with reasoning and conscience. How this entity, as a whole, can justify the cost of lives, at the expense of their selfish hobby, is beyond comprehension. It IS just for hobby, correct?

If a school of 6 year olds, being slaughtered in their safe haven of childhood, cannot tweak the conscience of a gun loving nation, there is no hope for our humanity.

If a group of LGBTQ people, out enjoying an innocent evening, in their safe haven of a bar, can be gunned down, like target practice trash, there is a crisis. Certain guns made this mass killing possible.

If you can save one life, by simply agreeing to change the gun law to limit killings machines, why wouldn’t you?