Yaaay!!! Newbie Alert.. Wooooppsss!!! 😍😍 Say Hello everyone…

It feels awesome to have a Medium to share my thoughts and read amazing stories from people around the world..

Brief info about me

I am Ijeoma Onyejiuwa, Nigerian born Happiness Enthusiast.. My interest cuts across Beauty, Fashion, Fitness, Healthy Relationships, Adventure, Meeting people, Music… I am unapologetically a ‘Foodie’ , Libra Chick (was born in October 21st) argh!!! the list is endless I tell you.. You can call me a Multi Tasker ☺️.. I love it..

I recently embarked on a mission to improve myself, set new goals and achieve them and become a better version of myself…. While inspiring others to do same ..

Did I mention that I am a Christian and a certified ‘God Lover’? Now you know. Lol

This is only the beginning..

First steps to forever..

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On Instagram @mzpricelesslaurel

Many thanks to the awesome members of #Idanreclassof2016 for inspiring this.. Who are they? Details on that coming up next..

Gracias 💋💋💋💋

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