Why do I hate to use Mozilla Firefox

I have been using Chrome since its inception. I’m so used to it that I almost forgot that Firefox exists. Yesterday, I attended the Mozilla hackathon @ Mozilla Berlin office and I had to use Firefox developer edition. The following bothered me a lot soon after I started using it.

  • In Linux, there is no way to integrate the title bar with the native Firefox, so that it doesn’t occupy unwanted space. I wouldn’t want to spare some unwanted 3cm space from my tiny screen.
  • Did you look at the number of icons in the right corner? Majority of them are useless which can be hidden in the wrench menu. Let people choose them to appear when they want and not the other way around. For instance, there are 2 bookmarks icons next to each other which is pointless. They can be made as one with a drop-down menu if required.
  • Whenever I am offered an option to Save Password, the dialog box occupies about one-third of my tiny screen. If I wish to choose ‘Not now’ or ‘Never for this site’, I would have to access the option from the drop-down menu. Guess what? It sucks when you have a touch enabled monitor. I’m also forced to close it and the close button is really REALLY small; also one cannot ignore and continue with their work — That’s some extra set of clicks with great precision consuming some 3 seconds (Suggestion?). Firefox 3.x used to popup gracefully right below the address bar (like Chrome does now).
  • There is no “Open a new tab” option in the menu when I right click on a tab. I can ideally NOT create a new tab in between tabs at all without any external add-ons. I would love to know why this was removed from 3.x, which I consider absurd.
  • There is no option to squeeze tabs, so that they all fall on one page. Perhaps, they need to give us a choice on how it has to behave. It’s practically impossible to keep scrolling to find the right tab to switch. Well, they say we can group tabs — Guess what? It’s deprecating soon because people hardly use that feature. Looks like there are some fancy add-ons to customise this basic feature.
  • They directed me to look for an addon and that does everything for you. it wants me to restart and I really hate that concept! This is so windows way that requires a restart for every software installation and post-upgrade compatibility check.
  • There is no automatic Google Translate for webpages (or I haven’t figured out an option yet). I’m forced to use Chrome for webpages in German, so that it translates to English for me on the fly.

I really should get in touch with the Mozilla UX team to share my feedback as I’m sure these minor fixes would make a significant difference in the user experience and making them feel comfortable sticking to Firefox. Stay tuned for my next blog post on the things that I love the most in this browser :) UPDATE : here it goes — https://goo.gl/xrmJZM