How to get out of bed
Jonas Ellison

Reality Bites, and That’s Not All Bad

It is naïve and dangerous to think that one’s happiness is independent of external conditions.

There is such a thing as a horrible workplace. They are all over the world, and people are right now, under terrible conditions, sewing the clothes we wear, catching the shrimp we eat with slave labor, and making the cellphones we chatter on. Those workplaces aren’t healed by tweaking internal perceptions. They might “look” and “feel” healed if we were to put on rosy internal glasses, but the temperatures would still be hot, the buildings would still be dangerous, the hours unimaginably long and the workplace grievance process still non existent.

It is naïve and dangerous to think that happiness is independent of external conditions. External conditions are us — we collectively and individually make them through our actions and reactions, and they form the ecosystem of our world. Deep, empathic powerful spirituality comes from recognizing that, and taking responsibility. If you want to make the world a better place see what is front of you. See the unpleasant, the unjust and the awful, as well as the beautiful and the just. Be real, and don’t imagine superpowers; think about what first small, human, actual step can lead to another human step to turn not just your internal “soul-world”, but the big world, around.

Real change isn’t about putting yourself in a good mood, although that may make your day (and that of the people around you) more pleasant. Bad moods, the honest anger and dismay and sorrow at what is not satisfactory are motivations to change things. Do you think women would have the vote, or that the idea of the 8 hour day would exist, or that slavery would be illegal in the USA if people hadn’t been a little grumpy about “external conditions?” People who wake up and put on their grumpy slippers shuffle out there and make things happen, and I am very very grateful to them.