A Call for Cooperation Against Fake News
Jeff Jarvis

This Washington Post article on the new yellow journalists who were instrumental in the outcome of the election is a must-read. The amoral attitude of these two disaffected opportunists is chilling. I have wondered if there is no way, when intent to deceive is so clear, to prosecute. We have libel laws. In a sense this is libel against both the entire readership and the victims slandered with lies posing as ‘real authentic truth.’

I am grateful for these thoughtful suggestions from Jarvis and Borthwick. In particular it is long past the time when actual journalists should be hired to fact check the newsfeed of Facebook and google. This kind of task is nuanced, and although I appreciate the brilliant work of the students who tackled Facebook, I am not confident that satire and humor can be adequately vetted by an algorithm.

For Google and Facebnok to reap all the rewards of paid and established “mainstream” journalism while taking no responsibility for their part in destroying it is unconscionable.

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