How to Make Your Skills worth A Million Bucks

Say you want to make your skills worth a million bucks. Or a multimillion bucks

Or hey, even a billion bucks. (Why not?)

The goal is clear…but your reason can be anything but. . .

But not to Ijoma Blessing. She started out as a freelancer when she was 19 years. (Won the 2016 EO GSEA national Award, is a YALI Ambassador, 2016 BDL, and USWC finalist). What started as a one-man web design business expanded to a team offering other services with more than 10,000 projects completed in different fields before she co-founded Hourspent with Uwakeme Anthony and Mert Gonul

Blessing sees a clear, probably slow and difficult, path to becoming a millionaire — or to reaching whatever level of financial success you aspire to.

Here’s Blessing:

A million or even a billion bucks, of course, isn’t everything. At least, not by a long shot. Where your definition of achievement is concerned, money may rank far down the list. Everyone’s definition of “achievement” is different.

Here’s my definition: Your achievement is a measure of your ability to make people believe in you and never make them regret it.

For me, whether my skills worth a million bucks or whatever doesn’t really matter all that much, but it gave me concerns, a couple of years back (probably because I thought I deserved better).

So, let’s say you want to step up your skills. Probably, like thousands if not millions of other people, that you’d like to do the same. How would you go about it to increase your million buck’s chances?

We know the steps we’d suggest is never easy nor can it give you an overnight success. But they’re more likely to work than get rich quick scheme and tips.

1. Would you mind to stop obsessing about a million bucks?

While it sounds contrary to why you are here, it’s not healthy to let that get to you — obsession. How much you want clients to pay you for, distracts you from doing the things that truly add value to what you do.

So, see how you can be helpful to clients with your skills. The most successful people we’ve come in contact with are really helpful. They love to understand clients and see how they can utilize their skills and resources to help them achieve their aim. They know the success of their clients determines their skills worth.

See your skills worth not as the primary goal but as a third party and ‘’value’’ as a primary goal.

2. Start tracking how many of them you can help, no matter how small it is.

That’s right, start with how many you can help and build your skills so you can deliver more than expected. If that looks like working hard to make other people successful, take that bet. if you can do that, they will make your skills worth a million bucks without even realizing it while you build your skills up to the point you can really be proud of.

3. How about you start thinking of serving a million people instead of a million bucks?

Let’s say you are serving very few clients and you have that ‘’million bucks’’ on your mind. You’ll be tempted to look for strategies to milk out every dime on them

But when the case is for millions of clients, and you are focusing on adding value to your services, the benefit will be endless as people talk positively about you. The feedback alone creates room for improvement. And as you improve, so will your customers’ database increase. You get to employ more people, with their skills and experience, you expand.

In no distant future, you’ll notice how your skills have improved over the years — because your clients and your employees have taken you to places you never expected.

The bottom line is, your skills worth can only worth a million bucks when you not only serve a million people but serve them amazingly well.

4. See your skills worth as a way of delivering ‘’value’’

People with skills are two types

One takes up projects because they are earning from it; the more project they complete, the more money they earn. The output of the project really doesn’t matter. So, they accept as many projects as possible. Even if they know they can’t deliver within the agreed time-frame — they’ll continue delivering projects with whatever means as long as it pays.

The other wants to earn money because it allows them to deliver something of value. They want to improve their skills. They want to empower more people to be like them. They want to write another book for you, revamp your website, help you launch your company or even wants to make you stand out at events. The output of their work is close to their hearts and they see adding a value as a way to do even more of what they love. They dream of building a company to serve you better and earning money is to make that dream a reality.

While it is certainly possible to master the top paying skills that everyone wants to learn and grow rich with, most skilled people that are successful build businesses that advance and grow and, as they earn from it, they reinvest in a constant pursuit of distinction.

5. Do one stuff you are skilled at doing better

Pick one stuff you’re already better at than most skilled people. Only one. Stuff. Just focus on doing that one stuff. Work on it. Train for it. Learn from it. Practice because of it. Evaluate it. Refine it. Do so continually, don’t forget it should revolve around that one thing.

Skilled people that are financially successful, do at least one stuff better than everyone around them. (Of course, it helps follow a path you are a master in and the world values and will deliberately pay for.

Do you have any other idea on how we can make our skills worth a million bucks? Let us know in the comment section

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