“Slice of” Project: St. Clair Avenue

A glance into the artistic community of the Mac-Groveland neighborhood

One of the main themes in this series of photographs is the idea of people neglecting their creative side. This series is centered around the recycled arts supply store, Art Scraps. In my neighborhood, this store is considered one of Mac-Groveland’s hidden, quirky treasures. Usually this store is very empty, with only a few loyal patrons coming in. These photographs capture the overall bright, happy feelings creativity can cause in contrast with our blandly colored world filled with people that just can’t seem to make time for it. This building’s. brightly colored murals contrast starkly with the grey streets of St. Clair Avenue. In many of these photos, there are brightly colored buildings and paintings, many of which are chipped. The worn down and rugged textures of these photos represent how little importance we place on art and creativity in our daily lives. The contrasting colors between Art Scraps and the background show also tie in with the idea of forgotten art. The bright colors painted on the building seem like a dismal attempt to grab the attention of passerbys in a mostly grey looking neighborhood.

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