Monitoring Phoenix
Michael Schäfermeyer

Hey nice article.. I have added


def log(log_entry) do
 :ok = :exometer.update ~w(my_awesome_webapp ecto query_exec_time)a, (log_entry.query_time + log_entry.queue_time || 0) / 1_000
 :ok = :exometer.update ~w(my_awesome_webapp ecto query_queue_time)a, (log_entry.queue_time || 0) / 1_000 # Note: You will have to add this to conf/exometer.exs if you want it
 :ok = :exometer.update ~w(my_awesome_webapp ecto query_count)a, 1

super log_entry


but its giving me error as ` no super defined for log/1 in module EvercamMedia.Repo. Overridable functions available ar`

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