A screen shot from my first ever 360 degree video, in one of my most favorite places ever: The Apple Store! — 2015

I recently shot this amazing 360 Virtual Reality video for my YouTube channel with Surreal and directed by Lan Bui. While thinking of concepts for the video, I had at the time just released my book so we decided to bring to life a small story from it inspired by my first trip to Los Angeles.

Below is the transcript of the video. I hope you guys like it! ..and, welcome to the future :)

One of people’s biggest fears is change. Whether someone isn’t what you want them to be, or you aren’t who you want to be, dramatically taking your life in a new direction can be terrifying.. but having the faith in yourself to know that you can figure it out no matter what obstacle is present, could be all that you need.

Often your goals get in the way of many missed opportunities that could far exceed your original plan. It’s okay to not have a plan or have specific goals. Sometimes it’s hard to see the bigger picture and how you fit into that big picture.

And that’s okay too, you’re still creating it. And you always will be.

10 years ago I couldn’t have told you my plan on how to get here because this here didn’t even exist yet. One step at a time I focused on doing what made me happy and feel challenged.

When I found a community of people online who were just as passionate, creative and driven as I was to create and make others happy — I knew I had found my home.

When I started putting myself out there online it felt like a chance to be not someone I wasn’t (which is an accusation you see play out online pretty often) but it really felt like a chance to build up the parts of myself that I wanted to be stronger.

I wanted to feel more confident, when I often didn’t.
I wanted to connect with more people when I often felt alone.

Screen shot from 360 degree video — Santa Monica, CA — 2015

The first time reading a comment from a stranger that I had made them laugh after having a rough day, I knew this was what I wanted to do.

I saw the internet as a new kind of stage. One that from an outside perspective could be misconstrued. But from the inside looking out, I could see what it really was.

It was you guys.

I saw the friendships and connections being made in the comments and at events. People finding the courage to be themselves.

To be vulnerable.
To be open.
To know that when you’re met with judgement, that judgement has made you stronger.

That’s not to say the judgement is fun. The negativity online and in life can be extremely hurtful. At times it can drive you to a place that you don’t want to be. A place where you’re presented with two choices:

1: Be yourself
2: Be the way that everyone wants you to be

Sometimes knowing that those passing the judgement on others are often fighting that same confused battle as you are. It can help put things back into perspective. Bring the focus back to those who support, who care and want the best for you so you can do the same for them.

That’s where I feel truly lucky. I’ve always been stubborn in a good way. I could never give up the things that I loved doing. Even when they left me feeling isolated and alone. I followed my own interests and that alone lead me to this place.

Screen shot from 360 degree video — Santa Monica Pier, CA — 2015

I remember my first trip to Los Angeles. It was at this very spot looking out at the ocean when I first realized that anything is possible. I had no idea how, but soon after I would pick up and move here with nothing more than my laptop and excitement of not knowing what’s next.

I just knew I would figure it out.
I’m still figuring it out.
And now I’m back here at this very spot just wondering what’s next.

A few photos I found on flickr from my first trip to LA, circa 2007! Old school camcorder and best friend Desiree! ❤