IKAIKA INU — Cryptocurrency with a Mission to Help Animals around the World

Warriors! Thank you all for the successful $IKAI launch, the amount of attention & love we have been getting already has been UNREAL!

For those of you who have never heard of our project, we are a strong community of animal lovers with a mission to help wildlife animals around the world using the power of cryptocurrency. We are more than just a memecoin, we are a movement. (Learn more at: www.ikaikainu.com)

Milestones First 8 Days

Dev Crypto Juice at SPCA Monterray, CA
  • The Dev Doxxed himself (Find him @CryptoJu1c3 on Twitter)
  • $5,000 Donation to SPCA Monterey, California
  • $500 Donation to Unwanted NYC Pets — Southern Chapter
  • $500 Donation to Unwanted NYC Pets — Northern Chapter
  • $500 Donation to Heavenly Angels Animal Rescue
  • Full partnership secured with the founder of AnimalRescue.com to help promote the project in different animal advocate communities
  • Approaching 1k followers on both Twitter and Telegram

Yes. We did all of that in the first week of launch 😊

NFT Collection

Here is a little snippet for our upcoming NFT collection.

IKAIKA WARRIOR (the name subject to change before launch) NFT Collection will feature X,000 unique IKAIKA Warriors inspired by the 10 most endangered exotic animal groups.(source: WWF)

The groups are:

Big Cats, Marine Turtles, Elephants, Vultures, Cetaceans, Bears, Sharks and Rays, Rhinos, Sturgeons, Great Apes

Concept drafts(subject to change)

  • Different animal groups will represent different ecosystems. Royalties from each specific ecosystem will go to donating different animals.
  • 50% of mint profit will go to donating animals, 50% for marketing & development.
  • Those of you who have received unique IKAIKA Warriors will be entitled to 1/1 NFTs that will grant special incentives & access for holders. There will be only 75 of these 1/1 NFTs. In order to get your hands on 1/1 NFTs, you must be holding one of our custom artworks presented to you by the team. The team will reward our biggest and most active supporters with the custom artworks. (everyone has a shot regardless of their $ikai position size)

$IKAI Tokenomics

Contract Address: 0xB8020265F487C7A4589e28bBA42bfB6357c994B4

-Total supply of 808,000,000 $IKAI

-5% tax on Buy / Sell


Check https://www.ikaikainu.org/ for the full roadmap

Major Events

  • Charity Donations (all phases)
  • Travel Funds Giveaway (all phases)
  • IKAIKA Original Animal & Wildlife Awareness Contents (phase 1 &2)
  • IKAIKA WARRIOR NFT Collection (phase 2)
  • IKAIKA INU Original Merch Line (phase 3)
  • IKASWAP DEX (Phase 4)

Make sure to follow us on

Twitter https://twitter.com/ikaika_inu

and Telegram https://t.me/IKAIKAINU

to stay updated.

Until next time, Warriors!



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