Silicon Mountain Gods At GopherCon 2017

If you’ve been watching the #gophercon hashtag on Social media , then you must have seen this photo. It’s a picture of African and African American Gophers. I personally have nicknamed them “GODS” to mean GOphers who are good at Data Structures.

If your brain has to parse the elements of the photo from Right to Left ( as opposed to what most parsers do ),then you’d notice Nyah Check and Konrad Djimeli at position 1 and 3 respectively of the ArrayList<Developer>blackPanther=new ArrayList<Developer>(). They’re the best gophers in the Buea Tech Community which is part of Cameroon’s Silicon Mountain Tech Cluster. Also on this ArrayList are elements like the famous Iheanyi Ekechukwu, Kevin Stewart and Brian Liles, who all do amazing things with Go on the Cloud.

This picture is indicative of the fact that diversity is thriving. Increasingly, more persons from underrepresented populations in technology are attaining Mastery and visibility. This is the best time to be a developer originating from the African continent. If you need advice and guidance on how to make progress as a Golang developer, then you want to talk to any or all of the persons in the blackPanther ArrayList defined above. We trust that with their Community drive and mentorship, prospective Gophers are going to be appended the ArrayList<Developer> blackPanther.

Even though this write-up is about Golang, please kindly forgive my syntax errors in Java and English.

Published With Love From The Volcanic City Of Buea, Cameroon.

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