Introducing Ikaria — Social Apps for a Happier and Longer Life

Developing meaningful relationships can protect against loneliness and lead to a longer life

“Because true belonging only happens when we present our authentic, imperfect selves to the world, our sense of belonging can never be greater than our level of self-acceptance.” — Dr. Brené Brown, Sociologist

At Ikaria, we’re building a communication platform that will give people the tools and knowledge to experience the joy of meaningful relationships

  • Built for quality relationships
    Our tools should cherish our relationships as much as we do. Instead of accumulating likes and followers, we are designing intimate and adaptive spaces that will help you get to know your loved ones, stay present with each other, and reflect your relationship back to you in meaningful ways.
  • Designed for quality of life
    Research has shown the negative impact of social media on mental health; however, we believe technology platforms can be designed thoughtfully to have the opposite effect. We’re working with psychologists, technologists, and mental health experts to ensure that our products cultivate a positive effect on mental health.
  • Presence is the present
    We want to create a two-way physical and emotional window between you and the people who matter most so you can feel more connected to the people—and not the technology.
  • You are not the product
    Many social media companies rely on advertising for nearly all of their revenue. When advertisers are the customer, their needs will always come before yours. We want to build a customer relationship directly with you and earn your trust and patronage by creating products that improve and help maintain your social and mental health.
  • Your data is yours
    Your conversations, relationships, and personal information belong to you and you should have complete control of your data. Since our products will never be ad-driven, we won’t need to sell your personal data for profit.

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