My Ideal Mathematics Classroom

The picture is made by me

I believe a lot of teachers have a wish to create an ideal class. If they can proof to do that, they will feel be proud of themselves and they will success to be a good teacher. There are some experiences that I get, which are explain of my lecture and from the article. My lecture named Miss Puti, she explains about ideal class what she believes. After I listen her, I feel motivated and the story is very interesting. Therefore, I already read an article the title is “What’s Math Got to Do With It?: How Teachers and Parents Can Transform Mathematics Learning & Inspire Success” from Boaler’s. After that, I get some illustration my ideal class in the future exactly after I already to be a math teacher. I think, the teacher will teach appropriate with her believe. For Example, there is a teacher a believe that if her give most of mathematics problems, it can create qualified student. So the teacher will give more question for all of students in every time in the class. Besides that, as a recruit of teacher, I have dream to create my ideal class. Above is a drawing which I made and the picture represent my ideal class in the future.

In the bottom left of drawing, there is picture where a lot of students more active to give question, answer, and opinion in the class. They rise them hand no to get score but they loved the section, and then the students worked on a solve mathematics problem with smile and energetic. However, this reflect my wish that each student can respect and sharing ideas with one another. It can create character class which more qualities.

In the bottom right is two persons always greetings each other. It can create to approach between teachers and students. I wish with the situation, relationship between teachers and students can run smoothly and it can help the interaction with each other in the class.

In the middle of the picture is a child that feel bad because he gets low score because he finds that learning to math is difficult. However, there are the two children that come to giving them support in order to the child more diligent in study. I wish, my students can always give the support to they which feel bad or fail about something in order to not give up.

At the top left, there is a picture of a baby who want to know about the everything. He reads some books but he does not understand about it because he cannot read the books. Usually a student that always want to know something, he often gives question to the all of people until he gets the answer. It is very good because this student can change the situation be interest. The picture reflects my hope that this characteristic can make the students get more knowledge and they can easily to critical thinking in the class.

Finally, at the top right there are two persons who try to working together to build something with use a stack of object. Unfortunately, the wind was blowing hard when they played and it makes their building collapse. However, although the building was collapse, they build again and again until they success to build it. I think, it is very important to generation educator in the future.

At the top middle, this is the special picture because it explains about my principle teaching and the symbol is described by water because I want to have character teacher likes water where we know that the water has some of character. One of character is the water can occupy space, it means that if the water is poured in the glass so the water will adjust with the shape of glass itself. I want to be a teacher who can adaptation with the students and always on for the students.

Beside my ideal class, I already to discuss about the ideal class with my friend. She named is Ratnasari, the first thing she explain that she wants to create the situation class like a home. It means, she wants to her students can comfortable in the class. Next, she wants to each the students make some of group in each meeting. The purpose is the students can speedily solve mathematics problems, and then it can create sympathy to each other. Then, after finish class Ratna’s want to all of students search more knowledge immediately about the material that already discuss in the class. Therefore, she wants to create a good communication between the teacher and the student, the student and the student. It is necessarily because it can become a tool in order to the teacher can be closer with her students. She wants to be a character teacher like serious and relax, it means she can make process in the class be a serious but not make the students feel suppressed.

Ratna’s and me have similarities and differences in ideal mathematics classroom. There are some similarities of ideal class which are we explain about good interaction each other in the class and we want to have all of students always want to know something. While the differences are Ratna’s want to create the situation in class like a home and in the class Ratna’s make all of students can sympathy to each other. Therefore, Ratna’s and me have difference principle teaching, Ratna’s want to be a character teacher like serious and relax, while I want to be character teaching like a water.

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