Reflection of One-to-One Tutoring

On Thursday, March 23th 2017 I join one-to-one tutorial with Miss Puti in Library, I feel happy because one-to-one tutorial very important to feedback my essay, besides that Miss Puti very well because she learn me how to make good essay and she give me some reference to help easier search data. Besides that, Miss Puti explain how to make good introduction in essay until I understand about it, before begin tutorial Miss Puti ask question “what do you mean?” and “what your idea?”, after I explain it Miss Puti give suggestion to change my title in order to my essay can easier understand by other people. After I join tutorial with Miss Puti, when I want to solve my essay it is become easier to expand my idea in the paper and I feel my essay to become better than before join tutorial. Besides to improve my essay, in one-to-one tutorial I feel relationship between Miss Puti and me more fine. Thank you Miss Puti

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