3 Fun Ways to Bond with Your Daughter

Keisha Williams
Sep 18, 2018 · 4 min read
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According to a study from the Journal of Neuroscience, the bond between a mother and daughter is the strongest of all parent-child relationships. As a mom, you are your daughter’s first example of what a woman is — she is going to follow everything you do! It is your job to teach your daughter how to look good, feel good, and love herself. What better way to do that than with our cozy, matching mother-daughter pajamas? We at My Pajama Boutique know that you are mothers who care about style, comfort, and above all, connection. Here are 3 fun ways you can use our fabulous PJ sets to get closer to your little one.

1. Date Night

Mom & Daughter Pajama Sets

Like any relationship, it truly blooms when you spend quality time with the other person. Why not create a “Mommy and Me” date night? When was the last time you two had some genuine, one-on-one “girl time”? Try setting aside a night just for the two of you.

Two Hearts Pajama Set

Make your mini-me feel special with our “Two Hearts” pajama set. You can put on her favorite movie, pop a bunch of popcorn, and even paint each other’s nails. It doesn’t really matter what you decide to do, the sky is the limit! All that matters is that your two hearts are doing something together.

2. Play Dates Turned Sleepovers

Mother-Daughter Matching Pajamas are perfect for sleepovers!

Our matching mother-daughter pajamas also work well for play dates turned sleepovers! Out with another mommy and mini twosome but don’t want the fun to end? Go home, throw on your jammies and keep the party going! We recommend a Do-It-Yourself approach by throwing a homemade fashion show. It is a great way to boost your daughter’s confidence and show her how to both look AND feel great.

Aqua Blue Mermaid Kitty Pajama Sets

Don’t forget to dress to impress in our cotton-soft, “Aqua Blue Mermaid Kitty” set. Want to buy your set in advance and forego the hassle of shopping in-store? Our sets are available for purchase online, which is perfect for moms with a super busy schedule. Make sure to plan and buy ahead of time so you can show the other moms how it’s done!

3. Holiday Cards

Two Unicorn Lovers Pajama Set

Have you ever received a bland or boring Christmas card from your relatives and thought “I can certainly do better than that!”? Well, now you can! Try doing a “Girls Rule!” theme with our cute and affordable “Two Unicorn Lovers” pajamas. Nothing says “Happy Holidays” like an exclusively styled matching mother-daughter duo. The days of solely using pajamas for sleepwear are over. Our collections are perfect for any bonding moment that can use some extra glam.

Dynamic Mother-Daughter Duo!

Put those other family holiday cards to shame with our matching pajama sets. Sorry dad, but your princess is clearly #TeamMom this year!

We all know that our precious youth does not last forever. That is why we at My Pajama Boutique encourage creating these memories now, while you still can. One day your little princess will grow up and become the dreaded “teenager”. She may be “too cool” for matching pajamas sooner than you think. Don’t delay! Strengthen your bond today and create beautiful, lasting memories for the many years to come. Shop online at mypajamaboutique.com!

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