#HOW to produce AAC [Autoclaved Aerated Concrete]?

I try to be #helpful every time I start writing an article. I hope that my last articles were helpful for you. That’s why here in my present article, I’m going to share with you a general description of “ HOW TO PRODUCE AAC [Autoclaved Aerated Concrete]”. I’d like to thank you for reading my articles and for your interest in AAC Products & Green Building Materials Projects.

Silica Sand (high content of SiO2) is required

All raw materials used are natural that’s make AAC a green & sustainable, for more details, I invite you to read my last article >> “WYH AAC is the most sustainable building material: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/why-aac-most-sustainable-building-material-tunisian-jabrane-?trk=mp-author-card

Also, AAC could be used for many applications simple houses , Hotels, Skyscrapers,etc..

The Global AAC Production Process could be described in 6 Steps:

#1- Raw Materials Preparation

- Sand Slurry Preparation:

Sand used for AAC Production must be with higher content of silica [SiO2].

To produce sand slurry, sand will be wet ground in a ball mill. The sand slurry produced will be pumped in slurry tanks.

Source: Wehrhahn GmbH LinkedIn Page

In addition to silica sand, other raw materials are needed. Cement, lime & Aluminum powder or paste are the required materials to produce AAC Products. Water is also used for sand grinding and after to adjust the mix density.

#2- Raw materials Mixing & Dosing

The sand slurries will be pumped from slurry tanks to the mixer. Then, Cement & lime will be added. Water is used depending on the mix quality. After, Aluminum will be dosed to the mixer.

Returns slurries could be re-used and dosed as a second component. That’s why the AAC Production process is considered sustainable & greener than other Building materials.

Source: Wehrhahn GmbH video [ https://youtu.be/9x0N-vOtQw4]

#3- Precuring

The slurry mixture is poured into moulds for precuring, as AAC is produced in form of cakes. During precuring, chemical reaction take place and the cake rises due to hydrogen development by the aluminium reaction and is stiffening due to the reaction of the binders.

After the cake has reached the sufficient strength, it will be de-moulded to be transferred to the cutting line.

Source: Wehrhahn GmbH LinkedIn Page

AAC has a unique cristalline structure thanks to Steam Curing


Cakes are cutted in blocks, panels and slabs by wires. The vertical sides will be cutted to achieve the block length (or panel width) and profiles tongue and groove. Then the cake will be cutted to the thikness required. At the end, cutting the block height (or panel length) is required to reach a precise height.

All cuts-off from the four sides will be 100% recycled, that is a very interesting ecological & saving specificities of AAC Production Process.

#5- Autoclaving

The cutted cake will be hardened in autoclaves at a pressure of 12–13 bar and a temperature almost 194°C. Autoclaving process will allow hardening & calcium silicates hydrates forming. And this unique structure will give AAC its specificities & excellent qualities.

Source: Wehrhahn GmbH LinkedIn Page

#6- Palletizing

Blocks or Panels will be placed on wood pallet. Shrink films could be used around the pallet.

That was a general overview of How to produce AAC Products, I hope it is helpful for you.

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