The Woes of the Child Inside

Dear child, 
In your eyes I once saw the man I am to be.
I saw greatness with fierce certainty
I saw the world in colors rich and genuine 
I saw the manifestation of dreams 
And I saw hopes and fears

But my faith in you was my greatest weakness
I became too conscious of loosing faith in you; and stifled your growth
I made you believe that the world outside could hurt you
That you needed protection 
That to survive you have to play by the rules
In my ignorance I had tried to shield you from the pains.
Forgetting it will only make you stronger
And I am so sorry for that, my dear child 
I am deeply sorry for the moments I have let you down,
For damaging your innocence and naivety which drives your adventurous spirit
For stopping you from touching the flames of life because I feared you would get burnt

Dear child, I wish I knew better 
I wish I would have told you as it is
That in your naivety is the fearlessness of a warrior 
That in your innocence lies freedom 
That you would get hurt by those you trust 
But you would still love so you can remain free
That pains and misery cannot take your soul away 
You will only come out like a metal purified in flames
That your discomfort is a sign of hunger for growth
So you should embrace it and tear yourself up

Now I have to speak, child
I speak to you
I speak to your heart
I speak to your soul, 
I speak and speak, my child
And I speak life into your dreams
I speak light into the darkest secrets of your heart
I speak strength into your weakened drive
I speak hope into your despairing self
I speak fire into your soul
Let it burn child let it burn,
Let it burn until you break free from your fears
Until you silence the voices talking you down
Until your eyes bear the truth that resides in your depth
Until your voice screams the words you have swallowed in fear
Rise child rise 
Rise in spite of your doubts
Crawl until you can walk
Walk until you can run
Run until you can fly 
Fly until the heavens become your home 
Shine child shine
Shine with your smile that weakens hearts with unforgiving solemnity
Shine with your beauty that tears defences 
Shine with your soul-piercing words
Shine like a star
Shine so bright until the sun is green with envy
Because you are the light of our time
The light of the generation to come

So when I look in the mirror
I would be flooded with the reality of the man I am to be.

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