I could have been

Oct 3, 2016 · 1 min read

I could have been a slug,

Crawling down the street on a rainy day

I could have been a slut,

Meeting men’s needs in the worst way possible

I could have been a junkie,

Hung up on some substance

And no one would put the blame on me.

I could have chosen the path most follow,

I could have taken You for granted,

I could have made other worldly things my god,

I could have lost my way.

But you loved me,

You called me out

From the water, from the darkness,

You didn’t impute the sins of my father,

You didn’t punish me for my mother.

You found me and You saved me.

I could have been many unwritable things and more

But You chose me.

I love you, forever and a day more.


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An unwritten book