Aug 2, 2018 · 1 min read

The Wait

I wait in the dark

In the shadow of hopes

Waiting for that beam of light,

That ray,

That flicker

Anything to show me the way

But instead,

All I hear is the scramble of a rat

Whose cave I have come to inhabit

The sound of my heart beating is louder than the sound of my lungs expelling air

I wait a little longer

It’s almost here

It has to come soon

I check the entrance

Quiet my soul so my ears can hear better

I think I hear footsteps

I wait for them to come closer

Then I stop hearing them again

I crumble on the floor

Doze off a bit

Doubt begins to fill my heart

I wake up and see myself drowning in unbelief

In worry and fear

Maybe I missed it

Maybe I shouldn’t be here

Then I hear a voice beside me

I listen again and I hear that it’s from inside me

“I led you here

In your weakness,you will find My strength

In your darkness,My light will shine

You are not alone

I am with you in the wait.”

I recognize the voice

I’ve heard it over and over again

The voice that led me into the cave

It never left me

It will lead me out of the cave

I will take comfort in the one who owns the voice

The one who made the cave

The one who made me.


Written by


An unwritten book