How to use social media to improve your new business

If you have just started out your business, you are probably already on the lookout for the best ways to improve your business via digital channels

You would want a channel that fits into your small budget and at the same time is effective and produces results.

If you’ve been advised to use social media to grow your business, then that’s great advice.

Reports show that 18% of small businesses are not using social media platforms to grow their business which means that a whopping 82% are already getting their grooves on and you would hate to stand on the social sidelines.

Here are four top ways social media could really improve your business:

Get the word out

About 137,000 businesses are started every day — that’s the number of businesses you get in the ring with for that day when you start up a new business. You wouldn’t want for your business to get lost in the sea of these new businesses and so you would seek out to get exposure.

Social media would give you this exposure and even more, it doesn’t just get the word out; it gets it to the right people — your targeted audience.

How cool would it be to announce your business to Billions of people? Well with over 3 Billion people now using social media, it is the surest way to get to this number of persons.

Source: Statista

Gives your business online visibility

Once you have started out on social media at keep at it, it gets difficult to go unpopular.

Facebook alone has over 2 Billion monthly active users and when a fraction of these uses start talking about your business, it becomes very difficult for search engines to ignore you.

For example, the SERP from a search of a company “DronBird” first show its Facebook and Twitter profiles even before its website.

Claiming your business name on Facebook and other top social media platforms put you as a top contender to own the first page of results when prospective customers search for your business name or related names.

Knowem is a great place to start if you decide that you want to own the SERP for your business. It searches for your business name across multiple social channels which makes it easier for you to get as many leads on platforms to reserve your name.

If you play your cards right by populating these social media profiles with your business details as well as backlinks to your website, you are effortlessly using social media for SEO, and would lead SERPs result for searches related your business name in no time.

Reduce cost

Using social media as an alternative to a lot of things is cheaper than opting for the traditional way of doing these things.

Compare the cost of advertising on social media which has the reach to several billions of potential customers, to the cost of traditional advertising to as many persons, social media advertising is way cheaper.

Source: Lyfemarketing

Another way you can use social media to reduce cost is to leverage it as an alternative to the business website if you are running on a very low budget.

AndsoMe, a recruiting advertising agency did this some years ago when they replaced their website with a placer image and moved to social media platforms. According to co-founder Mark Rice, the company has shifted to social media as a way of showing that there’s no better place to do business than on social platforms.

And although this approach may not win you the business of the year award, it would sure save your business lots of money on web development and maintenance as well as help it be more efficient.

Better customer engagement and satisfaction

If you have been using social media even on a personal basis, you would have come to realize that you can know so much about people and be good friends with them without ever seeing eye-eye.

Now imagine leveraging that kind of power for your business.

Learning about clients and potential customers, knowing their interests and habits, and interacting with them using personalized response would earn you more loyal customers than none. With social media pages, companies can create such interactive environment, just like their very own customer support desk, only better.


So whether you choose to outsource your social media needs to a social media marketer or you hire an in-house social media team, taking your business to social media is sure to be one of the smartest decisions you would make.

Be sure to be on the lookout for changes in these platforms to stay on top of things. Conspiracytalk CEO, Chris Wick says “The promises of Facebook keep on changing”.

Stay sharp so you won’t be found trailing your competitors.