This lesson is PART-3 in the Introduction to Javascript Series.

Part-1 Introduction to Javascript

Part-2 Variables & Data Types in Javascript

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Type checkers help to identify certain types of problems before you even run your code.

As the application you’re working on grows, you’ll definitely want to add some kind of prop type checking — you don’t want bugs you’ll work on for hours or days before you realize you just…

I write stylesheets by hands! I don’t need any help! I don’t want to add complexity to my workflow. Go away just shoo…

That's how you think right. But I guarantee after going through this post you’ll change your mind and make way for Sass in your tech stack.


A simple tutorial explaining what objects are & how to create, modify objects in Javascript along with new ES-6 features. Also covers keywords such as this, new, class, constructor etc.

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Web app development is about to undergo a significant revolution triggered by the rise of data science. So far, developers have created apps based on focus groups, surveys and educated guesses about the needs and wants of users. …

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A function is called a recursive function if it calls itself again and again .

Recursion can be direct as well as indirect.

Direct recursion is when a function calls itself. …

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