Between Donald Trump’s Africa and our Africa, the truth seethes.

Donald Trump has finally outdone himself with his racist shithole outburst. He is not only racist, he clearly is not well. There is great historical context out there that should elevate the racist Donald-Trump-the-shithole trope and show Mr. Trump for what he is – a thorough going racist and a buffoon who has trashed the office of the presidency and humiliated all of America before the world. It should tell Trump something that one of the best US presidents in contemporary times is a Kenyan-American, so much for drunken eugenics. That historical context should also be complemented with contemporary narrative of the plundering of black African states by black rulers aided by their black intellectual enablers.

In addition to denouncing Donald Trump’s racist rants, Western liberals should also hold African rulers and intellectuals accountable for raping and plundering the continent. It is going on as we speak. Trump is a racist and a jerk but there is some truth in his drunken bluster.

Go to the Congo and see the hell built by Mobutu and his greedy cronies. Go to Nigeria and see how. the thugs of “democracy” aided by their blue check intellectuals and writers have ruined a nation. In 2015, 347 Shiites were slaughtered in Kaduna State, Nigeria for stopping the convoy of an army general. Nigerian writers of stature took immediate action – they begged for and got funding from those responsible for this genocide for their “book festival.”

Writers and intellectuals of Africa are now the oppressors. Trump is the least of our problems. This week, 78 Nigerians, many children were slaughtered, their throats slit. Not a word from our writers lounging in western cafes and having great conversations on racism, feminism, cis this, trans that and everything else but Africa’s issues. Where’s the outrage? Our intellectuals have gone silent.

Even Obasanjo of all folks is calling Donald Trump unpresidential and white liberals are quoting this criminal upandan. Obasanjo is on a list of buffoon thug-leaders who looted Africa’s resources and created the stereotype of Africa that racists taunt Africans with daily. BTW, reverse racism is calling an African wife beater and thief a statesman worth quoting admiringly.

Donald Trump’s racist rants provide an opportunity for Western liberals to deploy a new mindset that forces African leaders and intellectuals to accept some responsibility for their horrid actions in Africa. Trump is a racist fool but there is some truth to his drunken bluster.

Lord of the Gourds. I am not a writer. I am a reader who writes. Highly opinionated to the point of distraction. The book and the library are dying. Ideas live.

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