#ChibokGirls: What is the Nigerian government hiding?

The Nigerian government has a case to answer with the Chibok fiasco. I don’t know if #Chibok is a scam, it just doesn’t look right. I believed it at first, until I started asking questions no one would answer.

Something smells like rotten tilapia. Almost two dozen girls allegedly “released” by Boko Haram since last year (21 in October, and three way before) are in government custody, no one knows why. Well, until now. Thanks to relentless obnoxious pressure by my idle self, Aso Rock just released a FAQ that says the following:

“8. What’s happening with the 21 girls freed in October 2016

The previously freed girls (21 freed in October 2016, and the additional 3 that gained their freedom in May 2016, November 2016 and January 2017 respectively) are in a secure location in Abuja, undergoing a 9-month Reintegration and Rehabilitation Programme comprising the following:

· Psychological Counselling and Care

· Remedial Education

· Vocational Training (skills like Catering and Tailoring)

· Sports and Recreation (Football and Handball)”

At least one girl has been in custody since May, for about a year. now. That is unconscionable. Why are they being kept away from the press? Why are they given limited or no access to their families? What kind of country is this? Where is the outrage? Instead of releasing these girls, Aso Rock promises to do the same to the recently “released” 82 girls thusly:

“4. Where are the 82 girls currently?

The 82 girls are being held in a secure medical facility in Abuja, with access to a team of medical doctors, psychologists, social workers and trauma experts. They are undergoing medical checks and tests, and receiving appropriate courses of treatment where necessary. Their physical and psychological wellbeing is and continues to be the utmost priority of the Federal Government.”

The Nigerian government is a criminal enterprise that has a lot to hide. What are they hiding in Chibok? Who out there thinks it is right to keep a little girl away from her family for an entire year?

When criminal Nigerian politicians are kidnapped by their fellow criminals and are freed after paying a hefty ransom, they are not kept by the government to “deradicalize them”, no, they are released to their waiting relatives who fly them abroad for medical attention. When children of the poor are allegedly kidnapped by Boko Haram and are “released” after the government allegedly pays ransom, they are detained by the government and denied access to their parents and loved ones. Why is the government holding on to the traumatized girls of Chibok? What is the government hiding? #AnimalFarm

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