Dear Olusegun Adeniyi, history matters

Nigeria has suffered. Olusegun Adeniyi of all people is lecturing Nigerians on the fiasco he and his tribe of clueless, incompetent and dishonest intellectuals, writers and journalists tricked Nigerians into. He is hawking his new book, that gives him and his friends Messianic status and dumps all responsibility for Nigeria’s problems on former president Goodluck Jonathan. Imagine that. He flits from one hustler’s newspaper to the other to give advice on the current state of Nigeria’s governance. Hear him on @ynaija applauding the incompetent media aides of Aso Rock for hiding, yes, hiding President Buhari’s health status:

“It is comforting that the handlers of PMB have managed the (health) situation very well thus far”

~ Olusegun Adeniyi

#HistoryMatters. Nigerians may be amnesiac so let me help again: Olusegun Adeniyi is the hapless incompetent former media aide to the late President Yar’adua who spent much of his bumbling days in Aso Rock trying to force Nigerians to believe the obvious — that our president is dying. The rest is history. He has spent his days out of Aso Rock deodorizing his disastrous reign with poorly written books that are endorsed by the nation’s criminals posing as leaders. That is how we roll. The cycle is complete, those who fought him to a standstill when he was lying that a dead/dying Yar’adua is still in charge, are now the ones in power, lying to us with the same ferocity that Adeniyi lied to us — that Buhari is in charge and doing “things” for Nigeria. These people do not fear God. And it is because we are a forgiving people. Nigeria’s governance is on its knees but these incompetent media aides strut the world stage proud of their rank failure. We cannot wait to read their books in the near future, we cannot wait to take selfies with these verified incompetents. Because we are a forgiving people. And we deserve our date. Of course.


Oya, read the rest of the nonsense interview if you have all day. Nonsense.🚶🏿