Nigeria on my mind: The APC and the PDP, a distinction without a difference

I studied Biochemistry at the University of Benin, Benin City Nigeria and graduated BSc Honours, Second Class Lower, Class of ‘79. My thesis: The effects of the antibiotic tetracycline on certain biological parameters in the albino rat.

I was given two sets of albino rats (control and test) in cages. I fed one set a meal with tetracycline and the other a regular meal. The problem was that at night the rats behaved like the PDP and the APC, they missed each other and they would visit and forget to return to their cages. At some point, I could not tell the APC from the PDP. I still passed the thesis; they told me the idea was to teach me process, not ethics. I am a biochemist, I think… Today, whenever I see the APC and the PDP, I remember rats, stinking white albino rats. *shrugs*

I just dey look and laff…

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