Ten reasons why I love writing on Medium
Marcin Wichary

Back to Medium with a Question

Okay, I have no objections: beside I enjoy reading Medium’s nice look and feel, my previous writing experience (shame on me, only two posts!) here was impressive. Medium put itself in the middle between “short style” of social media’s limited box and a long-but-tend-to-make-lazy classic blog. Though I see interesting posts often come from long and detail entries here.

Medium offered new kind of writing to publishing ideas: innovative way and original. It is not “yet another blog service”, but a new experience without any limits mentioned.

Having too many best quality offerings and free — even no ads cluttering pages, it needs no longer time for my mind to raise simple but important question: how will Medium monetize this gala party? One big fear on joining new services is about their long time business model. Users will be dissapointed on handling migration and the risk of loss of their assets.

Let’s dig inside Quora.

April 29 Question

Four months later,

August 20 Question

“Nobody except them (people behind Medium) know”

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