Code Craftmanship

In term of writing code, people have many motivations and way to do it. One can be money, the other can be hobby. If you’re professional, you might work for some company who hire you to create software. In my view, there’s two kind of people. First type is a people that works like a factory worker by cranking as many different software as possible. The other, is people who build the code from the bottom up. I called it code crafting.

Throughout my career, I had been working on many types of software company. From banking, aviation, to telecommunication. My preference goes working for company who hire the craftsman. The art of building one software from zero or pre-made foundation and sell it to the mass, is an intriguing part that interests me.

The craftsman creates something not only beautiful but sellable. He creates the technique, choose the raw materials, and later use it to create crafts en massé.

Code craftsmanship makes me understand deeper with the elements of solutions. Why my consumer experience slow connections for example which turns out due to my fault on serialising the code. People might prefer to use building blocks to create the software.

Me, still prefer crafting — and you?

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