Harnessing A Big Data To Facilitate A Strategic Decision Making

A eCommerce service has various data resources that can be considered for helping them to see the trend and make strategic decisions for their business. There are many people who face difficulties in integrating various data resources, but the implicit information from proper big data management can be used to judge users traits for supporting the level of selling conversion.

Along with the growing of eCommerce ecosystem in every part of the world, data mining is popularly sounded to every non-technical part involve in it. From the result of data mining, there are data that accurately relative about the existing consumer profile and the consumers’ potention that is possibly acquisitioned.

In Implementation. Big Data Helps to Make Decisions to Develop Business and Products

So far there are some people who apply big data in customer analysis, operational analysis and product and service inovation analysis. There are several aspects that has not been applied optimally. But that is just a matter of time because in the future the usage of big data for customer and products must be constatntly monitored.

Based on the internal research, desktop platform considered more comfortable for users for buying their content. Meanwhile, if we see from mobile side, the users in iOS platform tend to buy and the users in Android platform tend to read the free content.

The customers profiles are able to show the insight of the price that later will be offered to persuade them to do more buying. The effective method to facilitate the strategy to keep the customers is by giving a discount for certain customers.

Comprehending the forecasting and increasing selling execution become a main idea in the usage of big data in e-commerce landscape. Innovation is an absolute weapon for every business, including e-commerce. In this case, the big data fleksibility has an important role to decide the next steps which is a retention program.

Big data makes businessmen decide the traits pattern which is very useful to predict chaotic environment in their market. Therefore, businessmen are able to take prevention decisions. Keeping consumers loyal before they move to another competitor is the most important homework that must not be ignored.

Big data is able to see the customers propensity in certain days. Retention Science writes that the more data that are collected from customers by various parameter, either from loyality program, visit searching pattern, buying history, the easiest will be for e-commerce businessmen to process this information to do customers segmentation. Therefore, the contents and promotion can be more personalized.

Infrastructure and Human Resources play as an important challenge to adopt the role of big data. Mindset and consistency to apply big data become a challenge that needs more attention. Applying big data should be done consistently as there are people who only like to collect data but they do not want to use and read them.

Applying big data helps a lot in taking a strategic decision. To face the challenge, eCommerce businessmen need such a structured approach.

It is impossible for company to maximumly apply the usage of big data. Everything needs to be planned well, gradually and prepare proper infrastructure. Besides, the support from top management is the most important factor of a company to apply big data.

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