Weekly Morale 8/12/2021: Ahoy fellow Pirates! More good tidings

Ahoy fellow Pirates!

Every week, we witness more and more Pirates jump aboard their vessels and take to the water. Welcome to the free seas, maties! Yer in for an adventure of your life. Do you smell that fresh breeze, and feel that the quiver in the air? It’s the winds of change as we approach exciting things on the horizon.

Another country seeks to make cryptocurrency a legal form of exchange. This time in the Ukraine, where the parliament is working to pass a bill that will legally allow cryptocurrency to be used as payment. It will be yet another stepping stone in creating a legalized framework for the use of cryptocurrency, and will continue to help in officially recognizing its economic value.

Movie theatre AMC has announced that it plans to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment for movie tickets and concessions by the end of this year.

Visa, a particularly well-known multinational financial services corporation, is also making headway in making cryptocurrency more accessible by partnering with the digital financial services provider Tala as well as cryptocurrency exchanges FTX and CoinZoom to provide crypto-linked debit cards and other services. This is only the beginning as Visa states that they plan to partner with 50 of the leading crypto platforms and that more than $1 billion was spent on crypto-linked Visa cards in the first half of 2021 (“Crypto-linked cards see continued growth;” https://usa.visa.com/visa-everywhere/blog/bdp/2021/07/06/crypto-linked-cards-see-1625612645562.html). Not only does this bode well for cryptocurrency in general, it also provides further proof that cryptocurrency is a viable and popular form of currency.

A booming cryptocurrency market is not only good news for Bitcoin but for coins such as ARRR as well. David Sacks, an entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and previous founding COO and product leader of PayPal, warned about a potential “no buy” list being created by big tech companies. PayPal as well as other companies may restrict the use of, or completely ban users from, their platforms. The growing concern of this financial censorship means more people will turn to decentralized and private forms of digital currency. Privacy coins such as ARRR will always have a place in the market so long as actions like these continue.

So long as there are people who believe in a free world, us Pirate will always sail these seas. As it is right now as we traverse the water, our treasure’s value continues to ascend. For those of you who still haven’t bought in, now is a great opportunity to join the Fleet. Our treasure continues to hold it’s own as its technology currently remains unmatched in the realm of digital currency. It’s a treasure like no other, and more people are beginning to realize that privacy coins such as this are the key to the future when it comes to protecting and controlling our assets.

There’s no stopping us now, Pirates! We must continue to sail these waters and hold on tight, because come what may, we will emerge better than ever before. The halving is coming up soon, which presents even more good tidings for us fellow Pirates. The Pirate crew consists of an exceptional team who are always striving to keep our treasure polished. Let’s help them by spreading the word and keeping faith. Fare thee well until next time!



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Ikigai Emunah

Ikigai Emunah

Cryptocurrency investor with an interest in building a free, secure, and hope-filled world.