by Ivyscribbles

Driving out of Ekosodin Road in Benin City, Nigeria, the following conversation ensues.

ANITA: Oga Obuks, drive carefully, we are not in a hurry. I would just get something from my shop, then we can go back to meet Mummy.

OBUKUMENA: Ah, Aunty, you like slow driving too much. If it was your mom in the car, we would have returned home ages ago! By the way, thank you very much for the gift you gave my daughter. The clock is very fine but it is too early for her to learn to tell the time. She is just 2 years old.

ANITA: It’s never too early to start teaching them these things. Speaking of your daughter, who is going to look after her now that we have gone and your wife has gone to the market?

OBUKUMENA: Ah, Aunty, the compound.

ANITA: The compound?! I don’t understand.

OBUKUMENA: My compound is full of very nice people. Our neighbour, Dickson is around, he owns a barber’s shop but he leaves his workers there while he stays home. He is preparing to write exams so he can get into the university. Mama Obehi is also at home. She is the one that you saw outside that was preparing to roast fish and corn. Aunty, that fish is very sweet! I will buy it for you one of these days. Mummy likes the fish very well. I did not check but one or two other people should be around. Don’t worry, she is very safe.

ANITA: Wait a min….

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