They didn’t do it by focusing on creating backdoors into phones. This is how a properly functioning society reacts to an event like San Bernadino:
The U.S. has Gone F&*%ing Mad
James Allworth

You make the same mistake people do when they think planes are dangerous and then drive cars without much fear.

The only reason bigplane crashes and shootings magnet so much attention is “a lot of people dies at the same time”. You barely notice a private plane crash with two people dead if you a not a private plane pilot itself and they weren’t your friends. You barely notice histories about old man shoot down two robbers in his shop. But just try to replace gun in his hand with a kitchen knife and say “he will be able to do the same thing with two young guys”. After all, 14-years old girl stabbed 9 (nine!) people this week. No firearms. In 2014 eight people with knifes killed 33 people and wounded 143 in China (“Kunming attack”). Only police stopped them, because only police can carry firearms in China. Funny, ha?

Just pay attention — all that mass shootings happen in more or less gun-free zone. Cinemas, schools, hospitals, californias. No mass shootings where not only attacker carries gun.

So while I’m not against the main idea of article (no Big Brother, don’t be Russia), don’t think you can really stop something by restricting something. Just remember that criminals will ALWAYS have guns. And they will be really happy about lawful guys don’t. After all, this restricting stuff is very “russia” itself.

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