Moving to Brackets & Sketch

Being a Graphic & UI designer I want to make my workflow as simple as possible along with the things that speed up my work and effectively. I have to work on mockup designs for Websites, Mobile Applications and blah blah blah everyday.

All these years I have been using Adobe Photoshop as my primary design application along with Adobe Dreamweaver for creating front-end-design tasks.

Very recently I discovered two apps which is totally changing the way I work.

Sketch gives you the power, flexibility and speed you always wanted in a lightweight and easy-to-use package. Finally you can focus on what you do best: Design.

Sketch is built for modern graphic designers, and it shows in every fibre of the app. From a flexible workflow with support for Multiple Pages and Artboards, to advanced Export Options that can export your layers to any size. Powerful features like Symbols and Shared Styles are there to make reusing elements quick and easy. Sketch has everything you need to help you design the best you can.


Brackets is an open source code editor for web designers and front-end developers.

Design in Browser
Brackets doesn’t get in the way of your creative process. It blends visual tools into the editor while pushing HTML and CSS to the browser as you code.

Quick Edit, Quick Find Definition & Live Preview Highlight now support SCSS & LESS – the same as they do for plain CSS.

Live HTML Development
As you code, HTML changes are instantly pushed to browser without having to save or reload the page.

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